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"Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age 18."                    Albert Einstein

Seating a receptive jury requires a sophisticated jury selection strategy. We analyze jurors written, verbal and non-verbal responses to identify challenges for cause and offer recommendations for the most efficient use of peremptory strikes. By partnering with us on voir dire and jury selection you have the benefit of our expertise in hundreds of trials across a full spectrum of cases.

  • Jury Profiling / Selection Strategy / Voir Dire Assistance: A JurisComm consultant will sit and observe jurors in the courtroom during voir dire and make recommendations about the most effective use of peremptory strikes, follow-up questions, and challenges for cause. If case research was conducted, the consultant will help the trial team implement the findings of juror profiling research during voir dire.

  • High-Risk Juror Profiling: Research or survey work is designed specifically to assist in identifying "high risk jurors" in your case.

  • Supplemental Juror Questionnaires: The use of written questionnaires to assist in the jury selection process has become increasingly popular in the past ten years. Research and experience clearly demonstrate that potential jurors provide more open and honest answers in response to a written questionnaire than in response to judge or attorney conducted voir dire. We design written juror questionnaires specific to your case that uncover detrimental attitudes and experiences. We also assist the trial team in preparing arguments to persuade the Court to adopt the questionnaire.

  • Post-trial Juror Interviews: JurisComm consultants will uncover valuable information about jurors' decisions using systematic debriefing following trial. The reactions of actual jurors from your case regarding key witnesses, facts, demonstrative exhibits, and trial themes are measured and analyzed to assist you in retrying a case, or when you are trying a series of cases that involve similar issues and witnesses. The experience and training of JurisComm consultants results in post-trial interviews that provide an unbiased look at your case.

  • Shadow Juries: The purpose of the shadow jury is to provide daily juror feedback to the trial team. A shadow jury of 3-6 individuals will attend trial on a daily basis and provide their opinions and reactions each evening. A JurisComm consultant will carefully select, train, monitor and interview the surrogate jurors throughout the trial, and provide the trial team with a phone or written report each evening. Shadow jurors may deliberate to a decision if desired.

  • Courtroom Observation / Trial Monitoring: A JurisComm consultant will observe the trial and provide feedback to the trial team each evening in terms of effective communication of themes and messages, questions left unanswered, reactions to witness testimony, etc.


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