• Dr. Teresa Rosado, President of JurisComm, LLC recently wrote a review for the American Society of Trial Consultants newsletter of the book Determining Damages: The Psychology of Jury Awards, written by Edie Greene and Brian H. Bornstein, and published by the American Psychological Association.

Read the review here: Determining Damages


  • Dr. Teresa Rosado, President of JurisComm, LLC recently presented a seminar entitled Understanding Juries, Jury Research and Juror Attitudes to the Washtenaw County Bar Association in Ann Arbor, MI.


  • Standards for Juries and Jury Trials: Last spring, ABA President Robert Grey created the American Jury Project as part of his focus on the health of our nation's jury system. Over the past several months, the AJP has embarked on a comprehensive review, unification and updating of the ABA jury standards, which cover jury composition, treatment, comprehension and related issues. The American Jury Project has completed its initial draft of the revised and consolidated ABA standards relating to juries, and is seeking comment from judges, lawyers, academics, jury experts, court administrators, bar leaders, and others interested in the health of our nation's jury system.

    The American Jury Project's consolidated and updated ABA principles and standards relating to jury trials are intended to reorganize and update existing ABA jury trial policy. Many of the standards are identical to or drawn from existing ABA policy, including the ABA Standards for Criminal Justice Discovery and Trial by Jury, the Judicial Division's Standards Relating to Juror Use and Management, and the Section of Litigation's Civil Trial Practice Standards. The revised standards will, in final form, include written commentary.

The American Jury Project's standards can be found at

  • Center for Jury Studies: a fantastic resource put together by the National Center for State Courts that provides an overview, FAQs and resources for jury trial innovations such as jury questionnaires, plain English jury instructions, juror notetaking, jury notebooks, jurors' submission of questions to witnesses, anonymous juries and jury instructions before closing arguments.

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