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“Which of your case issues will drive jurors’ decisions?”

Focus Groups / Mock Trials / Simulations:
JurisComm’s jury research methods provide a clear view of your case facts, theory and witnesses as seen through the eyes of jury-eligible individuals in jury-like settings. Our trial consultants condense a wealth of juror data into recommendations that you may use to establish a settlement position, or to present your case effectively at arbitration, mediation, or trial.

Stage 1: Initial Case Assessment
This preliminary research is typically conducted prior to depositions and full document discovery with a focus on jurors’ questions and expectations of the case. The goal is to provide an environment in which the jurors teach us about case problems from the jurors’ perspective and their view of the most effective solutions. This solutions-oriented feedback then forms the basis of persuasive strategy development in all aspects of discovery.

  • 10-24 participants
  • Moderated question and answer session

Stage 2: Focus Group
Focus group research provides valuable information about how jurors are likely to think about key case issues, their common sense assessment of plaintiff and defense strengths and weaknesses, as well as their perceptions of damages.

  • 24-36 participants
  • Attorney-conducted summary presentations
  • Deliberation groups / facilitated debriefing
  • Analysis of quantitative and qualitative data

Stage 3: Mock Trial / Trial Simulation
This condensed trial simulation allows the trial team to test the integration of case themes, arguments, witnesses and graphics in a more comprehensive presentation. The larger sample size can also provide a more detailed assessment of potential damages and juror profiling information.

  • 24-60 participants
  • Attorney presented opening statement, evidence (including witness testimony) and closing argument
  • Deliberation groups / facilitated debriefing
  • Analysis of quantitative and qualitative data
  • Ability to test varying scenarios

Risk Assessment / Case Valuation Studies:
This custom designed research will help you to quantify the risks and uncertainties in your case, and anticipate the range and likelihood of possible outcomes essential for developing settlement and trial strategies.

JurisComm will design research that tests issues of concern.

  • Venue Evaluation Surveys: A venue evaluation survey can assist in the determination of whether the potential for prejudice is so great in a jurisdiction that a client cannot get a fair trial.

  • Community Attitude Surveys: Community attitude survey data provides general information regarding how subgroups in the population are likely to respond to key issues in a case.

  • Jury Profile Surveys: By testing the broad issues of your case before a large sample of community residents, a demographic profile can be developed which accurately identifies those characteristics which correlate with a pro-plaintiff or pro-defense bias.


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